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John Evans, Chief Pharmacist

John has been serving customers as a pharmacist for over 20 years, having earned his degree in Pharmacy from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1998. John provides exceptional customer service. He enjoys helping customers with unique medical needs that other drugstores have been unable to serve.

Anthony McClusky, Pharmacist

Anthony is a 2008 graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina and completed an Advanced Community Pharmacy Practice Residency in August 2011. He has been with My Canadian Pharmacy since 2012. Anthony’s areas of interest are asthma management, medication for men’s health, and immunizations. In his free time, Anthony enjoys spending time with his family. His interests include swimming, baseball, and football.

June Mullins, Pharmacist

June is a 1996 graduate of Stritch School of Medicine where she majored in pharmacy. After moving to California in 2002 she began working in a small retail pharmacy, joining our team in 2005. She enjoys working in our pharmacy because she loves helping patients and their families. In her free time, June enjoys spending time with her two children. Her interests include yoga, dancing, traveling, and football.

Ann Hernandez, Pharmacist

Born and raised in Tennesse, Ann graduated from University of Tennessee College of Medicine in 2002 and earned her PharmD in 2006. After graduating, she moved to Carolina where she now resides with her husband and two children. In her free time, Ann enjoys sports, reading, and traveling with her family.

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