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We encourage you to contribute to a good cause. Using the site of GlobalGiving, you can transfer money to one or several charitable foundations. My Canadian Pharmacy supports GlobalGiving activity annually and has already donated over $100,000.

GlobalGiving is an online resource that brings together philanthropists and grassroots projects from developing countries. Potential donors can view and select projects from a large number of projects organized according to geographical and thematic features, such as health, environmental protection, education.

By choosing a project, the donor can donate any amount using a bank card, checks, PayPal, or even the transfer of shares.

GlobalGiving is financed from donations received, by requesting an increase of 15% of the donation amount, or by subtracting 15% from the donation if the donor does not want to increase the amount.

Donations go directly to support the entrepreneurial work of global project leaders who implement innovative solutions to social problems at the local community level.

To create an interactive relationship between donors and projects, leading projects regularly send reports to their sponsors on the progress of the project and on the effect it has produced. At the same time, donors can comment and discuss these reports.

All donations made under the project are carried out through the fund of the same name, the GlobalGiving Foundation, a non-profit organization registered in the USA

GlobalGiving makes donating to charity easy! If you wish to make a difference to people’s lives, make a donation right now.

My Canadian Pharmacy is an online company. It has no relation to the Westside Center for Independent Living. It also has no relation to drug manufacturing. Our company is a vendor. We cooperate with Indian companies what produce high-quality generic medications. Before buying any medications, consult a physician. Any damages to health are not a responsibility of My Canadian Pharmacy.