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Canada Drugs Review: Question-Answer Pattern

Drugs from Canada are of high-quality. They are acknowledged as effective means for the variety of diseases’ treatment and prevention. Our staff has made a review of Canada drugs looking like “question-answer” pattern. If this topic is actual, continue reading this article.Canada Drugs' Review_ Question-Answer

What are the regulations for selling drugs in Canada?

According to the mode of purchase, the drugs from Canada are divided into prescription and over the counter drugs. The vast majority of pills and medications will be sold to you only by prescription. But the majority of online pharmacies has simplified the ordering procedure offering almost all drug categories over-the-counter.

What drugs are sold over-the-counter in Canada?

Canadian conventional drugstores provide not a wide range of medications and health-related products. Medications for colds, diarrhea, insomnia as well as painkillers are sold without a prescription alongside this country. It is explained by the developed online pharmaceutical business. They distribute high-quality generic medications online. Such online stores have large warehouses.

How to obtain prescription drugs?

Having received doctors’ prescription, citizens anxiously go to the pharmacy and buy the right medicine. Prescription drugs are measured out and packaged right in the pharmacy.

The pharmacist usually says: “Come back within 20-30 minutes.” If at the moment, the line-up of accepted prescriptions is big, then the waiting time can be delayed. It can easily take up to one and a half hours. Pharmacies here are usually located in stores like Superstore, Lawtons or Shoppers Drugmart. It is very convenient so you can move through the mall waiting for your prescription.

How much do medication cost in Canada?

Medicine in Canada is free. But services not covered by state insurance are very expensive. Pills belong to the expensive group. When writing out a prescription, the doctor will definitely ask you about the availability of a drug plan. It implies whether you have private health insurance to cover the cost of drugs.

If there is no such insurance, then any disease will cost you a packet. Each pill can cost $2–3 apiece. A monthly course of 3 times a day reception can cost up to $270. Additionally, the above-mentioned packaging in the pharmacy is not also free of charge. A one-time payment for services is $10-$15.

What about the pharmaceutical market in Canada?

The Canadian pharmaceutical market should grow at a relatively slow pace, according to Business Monitor International (BMI). In 2008, its volume counted C$22.9 billion and, as expected, this figure should grow to C$30 billion (US $23.4 billion) by the end of 2014. It is 4.41% average annual growth rate in Canadian currency. In the longer term, BMI predicts an increase in the Canadian drug sector to C$35.1 billion (US$26.9 billion) by 2019. It is equivalent to 3.18% of the average annual growth rate in local currency.

According to BMI forecasts, economic growth will actually count 2.5% in 2009 in the situation in which most industrial countries will experience significant declines. Indeed, recent indicators from Shoppers Drug Mart (Shoppers), show that profit-earning capacity is returning to the prescription drug market. In the third quarter of 2009, Shoppers ’profits grew 7.9% to C$3.01 billion (the US$2.97 billion), mainly due to a 9.7% increase in prescription drug sales, up to C$1.48 billion (US $1.41). Prescription drugs account for 49.1% of the company’s total sales.

According to BMI forecasts, in 2009, drug sales in Canada will grow by 4.3% in local currency. However, BMI believes that prescription drug sales will be controlled by the government, namely, its plans to introduce mandatory price reductions for generics in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, after a similar plan ahs been implemented in Alberta.

Is it reasonable to buy drugs from Canada?

It is absolutely reasonable to buy generic medications from this country. The traders cooperate with reliable generic manufacturers. They distribute high-quality generic meds which are affordable for all the layers of the society. So, it is a great pleasure to reduce expenses for medications and improve your health at less cost.

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