Jay Aquino
Accounting Associate

Anastasia Bacigalupo
Executive Director

Anthony Bright-Egwuatu
Program Manager

Judith Davila
Office Manager

Peter DiMieri
Comprehensive Services

Bobby Esber
Senior Accounting

Daniel Garcia
Independent Living
Specialist – Housing

Stephanie Hydal
Program Manager

David Kruskall
Independent Living
Specialist – West
Hollywood / Employment

Marge Moon
Clerical Assistant for Employment Services / Personal Assistance Specialist

Netely Orias
Administrative Support Assistant

James Reed 
Mental Health Housing Specialist for Client Run Services

Samantha Renteria
Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager

Marco Salazar
Santa Monica Community Services and Outreach Specialist

Rosy Tellez
Peer Support Employment Project Coordinator / Empowerment Specialist for Client Run Services

Jose Ulloa
Personal Assistance Specialist

 Nancy Urquilla
  Independent Living Specialist – General

Keith Williams
Independent Living Specialist – Assistive Technology

Richard Wladich
Peer Specialist for Client Run Services